At Home With The Combs/Porter Family
(in unison, 1, 2, 3, AWWWWWWW at the Itty, Bitty, Diddy's!)

AWW, wook at the wittle ones smiling.

How cute are these babies? I want one! so Adorable
And I just love seeing Diddy being a good Daddy
(cheating ways and all lol)

Sean Combs is already spoiling his seven-week-old twin girls by buying them each a pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany. Combs and longtime girlfriend Kim Porter became parents to twins Jessie James and D'lila Star on 21 December (06). He tells People magazine, "I bought them their first pair of diamond earrings. Tiny Tiffany diamonds for babies." The hip-hop mogul, who also runs the popular fashion line Sean John, hopes his daughter's develop an interest in style. He adds, "If they're not into fashion, that's cool. But I think they will be." The 37-year-old claims it's easy to tell the girls apart because Jessie, named after his grandmother, is "always smiling" and D'Lila, named after Porter's grandmother, is "loud and fiery". Combs doesn't let caring for his newborn babies slow him down, adding, "I hold (the twins) like a football. That way, if the phone rings, I don't have to put them down. I'm able to take the call."

SHAQUILLE's Super 60 Dinner
Fed X was there
(although how he got in, I cannot tell you)

The Break up of DC did wonders for Michelle,
Since Papa Knowles is no longer there to stop her shine, I've never seen her look better

Taye Diggs was there

TI was there

Of course the host was there

Selita Ebanks was there

My Reggie ( yeah I said, MY REGGIE) was there

Could Lala be playing matchmaker again for Ciara?

Ciara and Lala supporting her man Carmello at a Nuggets game

Nicole Ritchie at Mickey D's Drive-thru

She does eat, who knew? Get your eat on girl!

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