Random Celebs

Rick Fox,Eddie Murphy and his current lady, Tracy Edmunds

Nelly looking kind of right (love the shades)

Tracy Edmunds at the Sundance Film Festival

Nick Cannon and Damon Dash at Sundance

Jaime Foxx Launches "The Foxx hole" on Sirius Xm Radio"

Are you Ready for some poetry mothafuckas
(I had to do it, just couldn't help myself)

Mos Def Looking edible!!!!!!
Uuumph!Uuumph!Uuumph! *lickin' lips* The things I would do to this man!

Sooo Eddie, How Youuuu Doin?

Eddie looking HUD


Golden Brooks

Luda cleans up nicely Get ya grown man on!

You ARE the Father!!!

That could be the next phrase that Danny Clark hears.
New Orleans reserve linebacker Danny Clark was served papers in a paternity lawsuit involving a Chicago-area woman after the Saints arrived at their hotel for Sunday's NFC championship game. Clark, who was served by a private investigator while getting into a sport utility vehicle outside the team's downtown hotel Saturday night, wasn't immediately available for comment before the game. Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said the team was aware of the lawsuit but the team had no comment. The story was first reported in Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times. Clark grew up in the Chicago area and played in college for Illinois. Alisha L. Pate, claims Clark is the father of her son, Alijah Danny Clark, said the woman's attorney, Bernard Rinella. Rinella said Alijah was born three weeks ago and that Clark's arrival in Illinois on Saturday was the first occasion to serve him. Pate has stopped working to raise her son, Rinella said. "It was perfect timing," Rinella said. "We're doing this for the child."

When will these men learn to wrap it up or at the very least have these women sign some sort of waiver before raw dawgin' it. These athletes know they are a hot commodity these days. They are easily accessible and they like to fuck (some of them anything so if you're "unpretty" for lack of a better word, you still have a chance to snag you a baller too) which makes them the easiest and the quickest way for most gold-diggers to gain riches. Old girl quit her job to take care of her baby to boot. Unless you are balling out of control that sounds kind of backwards to me. Kids are expensive as hell and evidently you needed to work because you had a job, but haven't you ever heard of maternity leave? Taking a leave of absence? Nah , home girl just up and quit which is cool if you have it like that but me thinks old girl is banking on that child support check that will be heading her way if the paternity test proves that Clark , indeed, fathered her child.

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