Is Kelly Osbourne Too Fat to Get Naked?

Kelly Osbourne, Too Fat to get naked?

Kelly Osbourne is unlikely to be appearing in Playboy any time soon after its owner made a public statement rejecting her. Don't sweat it girl, You look good(in an eclectic sort of way) and you've slimmed down considerably)

The 22-year-old curvaceous daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne recently said that she would like to appear in the infamous magazine.

But in an interview with Closer magazine silver-haired Lothario Hugh Hefner said that it was unlikely to happen.

“I can’t see it happening somehow - we don’t airbrush to that extent,” he said. Dayum Hef! Tell 'em how you really feel son!

Apparently Kelly had some words to say about the whole Hollywood toothpick phenomenon:

“I was never called fat or different until I went to LA. I don’t want to go somewhere I’m constantly judged. When I appear on a magazine cover there they give me a fake tan and brush out my love handles and my tattoos to make me more socially acceptable,” she told the Sun newspaper.

One person who Hugh would seemingly love to have in his magazine however is Victoria Beckham.*throwin' up a little bit in my mouth* Upon hearing that the former Spice Girl and her footballer husband David were moving to LA he reportedly said that they were both “beautiful” and that Becks in particular would be welcome at his Playboy mansion

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